– Darwin Rocks!

Darwin Rocks!

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Here’s the definitive  rock playlist that will split the ears of your creationist friends.

Brace yourself, it’s the Darwin day!

Do the Evolution- Pearl Jam

I’m ahead/I’m a man/ I’m the first mammal to wear pants yeah!
More high-energy  than the lightning inside a Miller-Urey  flask. It’s evolution, baby!


Survival- Eminem

I am not a rapper I am an adapter/ I can adjust.
So you’re an adapter. Sure, yo, that’s  what the motherf**ka dinosaur said.


Darwin- Third Eye Blind

The chromosomes divide/multiply and thrive/ And the strong survive
That’s pretty much what happens, in fact.


750.000 anni fa…l’amore?- Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

Io non  posso possederti/fuggiresti via da me (I can’t have you/you would  run away from me)
Pretty  lame lyrics uh? Wait until you find out  who’s speaking is a Neandertal who just fall in love with  a female of Homo sapiens. The story wasn’t just platonic, it appears. At some point of our history wild  sex with the red-haired Neandertals  happened, according to  recent  studies.
Note: The legendary Italian prog rock band Banco del Mutuo Soccorso holds a record for releasing the first (and the only, to my knowledge) concept album about the theory of evolution, which they aptly entitled Darwin (1972). —Addendum: as it turns out,  I totally ignored this  entire opera based on Darwin’s book “The Origin of Species” that was recorded in the late ‘2000s. Thanks Marco Boscolo for the suggestion.


The Big Bang Theory Theme-Barenaked Ladies

The bipeds stood up straight/ The dinosaurs all met their fate/ They tried to leap but they were late
As a fan of TBBT I could not leave this one out. Plus,  it features the only occurrence of the word “autotrophs” in the entire history of rock lyrics.


Darwin avait raison-Fèloche

Darwin avait raison/Je ne suis plus un primate/Si je suis à quatre pattes/C’est pour les relations
Darwin was right. Even in French. R.I.P Lamark.


Countdown to Extinction- Megadeth

All are gone, all but one. /No contest, nowhere to run.
This is it. It’s the countdown to extinction, after all.


Less is more- Motel Connection

The lyrics have little to do with Darwin, but this latest hit from the Italian electro band Motel Connection may have got the title right off the instruction booklet of  the evolution game. Natural selection is parsimonious: useless, energy-hungry genetic traits are usually wiped out during evolution. When it comes to  make your genes survive, less is really more. Does the Occam’s Razor ring any bell, folks?


Evolution- Korn

Close up to get a real good view/ I’m betting that the species will survive/Hold tight, I’m getting inside you
Try this as an opener at your own risk. Look, it may work, who knows? Biology rules after all.


The Mother We Share- Cvrches

The mother we share is a woman who lived roughly 100-200.000 years ago. It’s the so-called mitochondrial Eve and no, she has nothing to do with the  one featured in the Bible. (to be precise, the mitochondrial Eve applies to all humans that are not of African origin, because they descend from a group of sapiens that migrated out of Africa). The trendy Cvrches’ track do not even remotely relate to such genetic concept, or to Darwin. But the title was suggestive. And I like the song, OK?


You will find the complete playlist (with more tracks) here on Spotify. Your suggestions are welcome!


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