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Speaking and Teaching


I may have kissed the Blarney Stone

I am an experienced speaker with over 200 speaking and teaching engagements under my belt.  I have entertained high schoolers, teachers, medical doctors, researchers, university students, theatre and festival audiences and once even a bunch of suspicious police officers ( I wasn’t under arrest). My style is witty, informal and interactive. I like to use video clips, props and experiments to involve the public, and I always try to establish a personal connection with my audience. If you would like to book me for a speaking engagement or workshop please use the contact page.

My talks are in ENGLISH or ITALIAN

Subjects for include: DNA, genetics, home genomics, DNA ancestry, biotechnology, therapies and all the themes from my books

FROM SCIENCE TO PUBLIC: workshops on strategic communication for scientists, health professionals, pharmaceutical personnel, students. From Zero to Hero to advanced courses. Learn how to disseminate science effectively. 

PANDEMICS: testing, vaccines, how the viruses works and how we can beat them.

Other exciting themes related to innovation, biology, biomedical research and communication. Please inquire