How the Internet of Genes is Changing your Life

Crux Publishing, 2019

I’m thrilled to introduce my new book DNA NATION: How the Internet of Genes is Changing your Life (Crux Publishing, 2019).It is the first book to address every facet of over-the-counter DNA testing and its impact on science, society and our daily life. I did it with curiosity and a down-to-earth approach.

It was a great adventure and an exciting work of research and writing. I am a “spitter”: like millions of people today, I spat into a tube to get and sent it to a company to get my DNA analysed.

Each chapter of DNA NATION take from my personal journey and demystifies a different application of consumer genomics with real-life examples, curious stories and cutting-edge research. By showing the science behind the spit, the book challenges many wrong ideas about our DNA. Some of these applications are revolutionary, others are close to quackery.

What can we tell by reading our genes? Which is the right company to use? How genetic testing is changing our perception of family, ethnicity, and “self”? Can we defend our privacy? What happens when millions of individual DNAs are interlocked in a social network?

If you have a DNA, then this is the book for you. Even if you don’t know anything about genetics. And if you liked my previous work, you will love DNA NATION!

“An indispensable resource for understanding the complex world of over-the-counter genetic testing … the impressive book explores territory that is both easy to understand and enlightening.”
–Kirkus Review

“Highly important, life-changing and delightfully written…[Pistoi] is pulling the rug out from under many of our preconceptions…with continuous wit and humor. A book which indeed demands to be savored.”
–Paul Levinson, author of The Silk Code and The Plot to Save Socrates

“DNA Nation is a highly readable, scientifically accurate, guide to the brave new world of consumer genetic testing. A must for anyone intrigued by ancestry, health, and the grand variety of humankind”.
–Ricki Lewis, author of Human Genetics and The Forever Fix

“An enjoyable foray into the medical, legal and ethical aspects of the ongoing genetic revolution…a fun and important read guided by one of the nation’s most gifted science writers.”
–Jacob M. Appel, author of Who Says You’re Dead

Helpful and easy to understand. I loved this book. We have done the DNA testing with several different providers. This book helps you understand what it all means. Sergio Pistoi teaches in a down to earth and humorous way. So even the reader with the most basic understanding of DNA can understand it.— J.R., Amazon Customer’s Review

DNA Nation : Six Star Plus. This outstanding book exceeded my expectations, it was informative and comprehensive without being overwhelming . l have read several books on this emerging science and this has been the best in terms of scope and entertainment. .— R.J.H., Amazon Customer’s Review

Informative and entertaining. A great and easy-to-read popular science book on what we can do with our DNA. Also a useful guide for those who are buying a DNA kit, or are planning to do so. — George P., Goodreads